Meet Zara!


Our friends at MotorCity Greyhound Rescue asked us to help find a forever home for Zara, a “Wadi Dog” (street dog) from Oman. Zara arrived in Newfoundland on Friday, July 9 and quickly settled into her foster home.

Zara was found on the streets of Oman (United Arab Emirates) injured and immediately taken to Muscat Dog Rescue for medical attention. After being fully vetted, she travelled to a rescue organization in Canada. She was then taken under the care of MotorCity Greyhound Rescue, as they have experience finding homes for Wadi Dogs. She remained in foster with MotorCity for 4 months, however, with a new load of Wadi Dogs arriving, GPNL offered assistance in helping Zara find her forever home in Newfoundland.
Zara is medium-sized and we believe her to be mixed with Corgi/Basenji. She weighs approximately 30lbs. She has had a litter of puppies, survived a life-threatening injury, and is only 2 years of age. Since arriving in Canada, she has learned housetraining and basic commands. She is very smart, eager to learn, and likes to please. She has a lot of energy so her humans would need to be energetic people who like to hike, jog or walk in all weather.
If you have any questions about Zara, please contact us at