Christmas is COMING!

Congratulations to Kelly Dawe, the lucky winner of a $500 Costco Gift Card in our Christmas at the Glacier prize draw!

Christmas (at the Glacier) is COMING! ?
October 20-24, 2021
Glacier Arena, Mount Pearl
As in previous years, we’ll be attending the Christmas at the Glacier to promote our adoption program and sell tickets on a $500 Costco gift card!
But we need YOUR help! We need both human and doggo volunteers. If you’re able to spare even an hour to help out, we’d greatly appreciate it! ?
Please contact Paulette at to schedule!
Note: Vaccination passports will be in effect as of October 22nd and all entering the Glacier from October 22-24 will be required to show proof of vaccination status per Government of Newfoundland and Labrador guidelines.