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The Adoption Process

The process for adoption with GPNL is one designed to ensure the protection of the greyhounds for the long-term.  Outlined below are the steps in our adoption process:

  • Fill out the Application Form and submit it. You will be contacted within a few days by our GPNL Placement Representative. If you are anxious or have not heard from us, please contact our Home Visit Coordinator.
  • The Home Visit – the first interview- has the placement representatives coming to your residence. You will get a chance to see how a greyhound could fit into your home & family. Don’t be intimidated, we ask lots of questions – we want to see how you and your family interact with the dogs. It also gives us the chance to offer suggestions of items or situations that may need to be corrected or moved if you were to get a greyhound. (i.e.: ornaments, holes in fencing, doors that don’t close properly, etc.).
  • The second and final interview. The placement representatives have completed a report based on information gathered from the first interview which is used as a reference to guide this final phase. If the representatives had any concerns, it will be noted on the report and these will be addressed with you at this time. If you reside in an area outside of the Avalon region, it may be possible for us to complete this interview via telephone.
  • The best part – your greyhound arrives in Newfoundland! All greyhounds arrive to Newfoundland via air cargo in St. John`s. GPNL takes care of all the flight arrangements. New adopters meet their newest family member at the airport to begin this new chapter!

Adoption Fees

GPNL undertakes a lot of fundraising to keep adoption fees as low as possible.  These fees cover travel from the US, spay/neutering, full vaccinations, dental scaling, microchip and flight costs to St. John’s, Newfoundland.  Flight fees may vary to other parts of the province.

  •     Adoption Fee – $300.00
  •     Flight Fee – $300.00
  •     Total – $600.00

What to Bring to the Airport

Come to the airport prepared!  Below is a list of “must” items to bring along with you to pick up your greyhound.

  • Leash
  • Dog Bed/Blankets for Vehicle
  • Baby Wipes
  • Plastic Clean Up Bags
  • Water