Support & Donations

Make a Donation

GPNL is a non-profit charity relying on the donations and generosity of people like you to make this program a success.  As an adoption group we experience high costs associated with caring for those dogs requiring adoption.  Every dollar of your donation goes directly to helping these dogs including high veterinarian costs and travel from the tracks to NL.  Please consider supporting the program so that we can continue to place these dogs and care for the many thousand still waiting for their permanent homes.

If you would like to make a donation please send an eTransfer to or contact us at the same email for other options.

Thank you so much for you donation.

Sponsor a Greyhound!

All new greyhounds arrive in Newfoundland by flying cargo from Nova Scotia.  Given the expensive cost associated with this, GPNL subsidies all costs with each adopter paying a portion of the cost. If you would like to help with the transportation of a greyhound to NL, please feel free to make a donation.  You can receive a tax receipt for your generosity.

In addition, many greyhounds retire due to medical reasons such as a broken leg, etc. GPNL will often pay additional veterinary costs to ensure a greyhound gets a new leash on life.  Any donations can be used toward our Sparkle Fund which directly pays for the medical needs of retiring greyhounds.

Corporate Sponsors

GPNL is a registered non-profit organization that depends on the generosity of many people including the public.  All of our fundraising goes directly to helping the dogs and is often times not enough.  We are seeking the kindness of a corporate sponsor to help our cause.  We provide tax receipts for all donations provided to the group.


Just because you do not have a greyhound doesn’t mean that you cannot help.  We need lots of volunteers to help up co-ordinate and participate in the many events that we hold throughout the year.  If you love these dogs and want to help any way please feel free to contact us.